Several More Healed

Several more have been healed in our meetings.  I will mention a few.

June 15 – We stopped into a praise and worship meeting in Lathi and shared about the Lakeland meetings and many were touched.  One woman reported just this weekend that God healed her of physical problems in her left side and leg.  She no longer needs medication.

June 21 – I gave a word of knowledge about cancer being destroyed and thunder clapped at that moment.  A woman we had prayed for the night before and again this day was glowing like she had just won first prize in a contest.  I believe she was healed.  We wait for a report.

June 22 – A young lady we prayed for the day before reported a curse in her family was broken and her toe straightened out and later the pain left.  Now it is normal.

Another young lady reported pain in her neck has stopped.

A friend of ours reported that from the earlier Turku meetings three cysts disappeared from her ovaries.  The doctor confirmed it.  She will not need an operation.  And she also confirmed her fingers are no longer painful nor swollen.

We know others have been healed, but we are learning to give opportunity for testimonies.  If God has healed you during one of our meetings or as the result of being in a meeting, please tell us.  If you get a doctors report to confirm it, please provide us with the medical documentation.


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