The call on our lives is to prophecy, teach and pastor God’s people.
The purpose is to equip God’s people for the work of the ministry.

I asked God how we were to raise up His people.
god showed me a picture of myself at rest under a tree beside a small pond of water. As I rested there, another person came up out of the water and layed down to rest. The the pond became larger. As we both rested there, more people came up out of the water. The pond grew into a lake. As these people came to rest more and more people came up out of the water and the lake enlarged to a sea of water.

In scripture bodies of water represent masses of people. God showed me that we would raise up people as we rested in Christ. Why? It is Christ who raises up people, not us. We just come to rest in Him and stop trying to do it in our flesh. This releases Christ in us, the hope of glory.

Therefore we long:

To see hearts so at rest in God’s love that fear and anger no longer control them,
To see pastors establishing the Kingdom’s power and love in the local church,
To see the Kingdom of God manifest in power and the full relesase of the Gospel through a maturing body of Christ.