About Us

Kevin and Deborah Martin came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in March of 1975 while Kevin was stationed at Loring Air Force Base in upstate Maine.  In May of that year the Lord appeared to Kevin in a dream/vision.  In the vision portion of the dream the Lord showed Kevin a ministry they would be doing over 30 years later.  We now recognize that ministry as Healing Rooms.

In 1977 they joined the Church of God and remained members until January 1997.  In 1986 God called them to teach, preach and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From the beginning of their walk with the Lord the confidence of God’s will to heal through the prayer of faith has grown in their hearts to certainty.  This was natural as it was a part of who they are, who all believers are, in Christ.  They ministered in the Church of God until 1997, when God directed them into Rapha Ministries International.

From January 1997 through November 1, 2005 they taught the word and helped raise up teams to minister salvation, healing and deliverance.  Now we must back up a little.

God had spoken to Kevin to pray for the nation of Finland in 1993.  He prayed for Finland and all of northern Europe until 1998.  That year Rapha Ministries International began to send ministry teams to Finland.  As the intercessory team began to intercede for Finland, God revealed He would release revival fires all over the nation.

By early 2004 Debby knew that she and Kevin were to move to Finland to live and teach the word.  She said nothing to Kevin, waiting for God to show him.  They joined a ministry team that traveled to Finland in October 2004.  As they finished a six week trip and headed to Helsinki airport, Jesus showed Kevin a vision.  The Lord was standing on a grassy plain with His hand open to take Kevin’s hand and open Finland to him and Debby.  They returned to Finland November 1, 2005 and traveled north to south throughout the nation ministering healing and deliverance in churches and home groups until spring 2010.  In April they traveled to Florida for a time of transition.

In May of 2010 the Lord gave Kevin a second vision of Healing Rooms and told him to start visiting Healing Rooms.  They helped their daughter Jessica move to Lees Summit, Missouri and visited International House of Prayer (IHOP) Healing Rooms. Next they visited Bethel Healing Rooms at Bethel Church in Redding , California.  While there they met Cal and Elaine Pierce of the International Association of Healing Rooms.

Through the Summer of 2010 the Martins struggled through the process of separating from Rapha Ministries International (RMI) and setting up Kingdom Expansion Ministries International (KEMI) in the United States and Kingdom Expansion Ministries ry (KEM) in Finland.  This move was necessary due to compromised leadership in RMI and also to prepare for expanding KEM’s scope of ministry to include Norway.  Having already begun ministry in Sweden, now the Lord moved on their hearts to relocate to Harstad, Norway.  The ministry in Finland continued but now the borders of KEM’s impact had enlarged.  God is always challenging us to increase our vision.

In October 2011the Martins moved back to the states, spending 6 months in Lees Summit, Missouri with their daughter Jessica and her family, while waiting for their condo in Florida to open up to them.  During that period they took their first official course in Bethel Sozo Basic ministry and worked the International House of Prayer (IHOP) Healing Rooms.

In March of 2012 the Martins moved into their condo in Niceville, Florida.  In July they arranged for a Bethel Sozo team from Atlanta, Georgia to provide a Sozo Basic Seminar to 60 people from four counties of northwest Florida and three states.  Many churches from the local area were represented.   In the process of providing follow up training for individuals to continue to learn Sozo, they were offered an office space in Destin to continue to grow Bethel Sozo in Destin and the county.

KEMI moved into the office in July 2013 after 4 members participated in the first 1Nation One Day missionary event in Honduras.  Missions.me arranged for 2,000 missionaries from all over the US and several other Central American nations to bring the Gospel in a powerful week of canvassing the nation in every way possible.  Hundreds of thousands came to know the Lord, with effective follow-up that continues to this day.

In September 2014 KEMI began training team members to open Healing Rooms in the Destin office at 215 Mountain Drive.  Before opening over 30 people from several churches went through the training.  In February of 2015 KEMI expanded operation in the Destin office by opening Emerald Coast Healing Rooms two days a week for anyone who walks in for the ministry of the prayer of faith that produces healing.  Healing has been instant or manifest within a few days in most cases.  God is faithful.