Sozo Testimony

Sozo Testimony

Should have shared this before now.

01/27-03/02/16 – covering four Sozo sessions.

”The heaviness I have felt in my spirit is being lifted. I can more easily receive God’s love for me. I no longer feel I need to earn God’s love.  I am able to ‘see’ His love as a free gift to me.” She also reported physical healing. “I had many physical issues that were caused by too much cortisol being dumped into my system from the constant fear and anxiety that plagued me 100’s of times a day. This caused insomnia, digestive issues and inflammation in my colon.  We asked God to show us the root of this fear and anxiety.  God showed us the root and healed it.  I have not had one incident of that cortisol dump since that time.”


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