1 Nation 1 Day – Honduras – State of Olancho

1 Nation 1 Day – Honduras – State of Olancho

1,741 missionaries and ministry leaders from 10 nations went to Honduras between 13 and 21 July.  They were joined by 843 translators and missionaries from Honduras for a total of 2,584.  There were medical and dental teams, well-known ministries like Myles Monroe, Tommy Barnett and Kari Jobe.  Every state in the nation had a team of more or less than 100 excited missionaries.  Thousands were saved in every state.  Many were healed of physical infirmities, emotional or mental issues or delivered from demonic oppression.  Debby and I saw all of these effects of this spiritual invasion of Honduras.

The sate of Olancho, where we were the whole week, is the largest land mass state in the whole region, probably 1/5th of the country’s total.  Yet, it was reported to us to be the least desired location to be from or to visit.  The people from Olancho say they feel forgotten whenever good things happen in Honduras.  The problem stems from the drug cartels presence in the area.  There are many drug wars.  Many of the children we prayed with had experienced the death of one or both parents or other family members.  People don’t want to live there and normally leave, if they can get enough money to do so.

Because of the danger we had police escorts every where we went, and soldiers accompanied us in our buses or in trucks.  The schools had barbed wire fences, as did any nice homes or businesses.  We were not allowed to leave the hotels in the little off time we had.

But every day we were in 2 to 4 schools in the state of Olancho.  There are about 1,000 schools in Honduras, and nearly every school was visited and received a powerful gospel presentation with students, teachers and principles receiving Christ and many receiving healings in their bodies.  Debby and I were part of a team of 100 missionaries in Olancho.  Team Olancho was further broken up into four teams of 25.  Besides visiting elementary, middle and high school age schools, our team visited a local horticulture college and witnessed many students there receive Christ.

In each school a dream wall was set up for the students to write their names and their dreams for themselves and their nation.  Every day the students will walk by their school’s dream wall and be reminded of their dream.

On our off day, Thursday, we went to two schools in a poorer section of the local area.  Skechers had donated 100,000 pair of durable slip on shoes.  We washed the feet of young children, prayed over them, put new shoes on their feet and watched their mothers cry.  Local pastors were noticeably touched by this expression of love.  While the children might have been too young to understand everything their mothers and older children were receiving Christ.  I prayed for a mother who was healed of the typical stomach issues because of the unhealthy water, which we were warned not to drink, or even to rinse our tooth-brush with.

One of our teams visited an army training camp.  That’s quite a story, but the end result was that 1,800 soldiers received Christ.

A team of pastors went to a local prison in which healings were so obvious that a good number of them accepted Jesus as Savior.

Debby and I were given the task of gathering teachers and presenting a five-month follow-up program for them to help the children take hold of new ways of thinking to continue the transformation of the nation, from the youngest children on up.  More than half of the teachers and principles we talked to either received Christ or were already believers.  As we talked to them we stopped and prayed for healing.  In each case one or more of them were healed of stomach issues, mental confusions, injuries or physically limiting pains and stresses.  As they would report that the pain was gone, others received faith to be healed.  One woman felt the fire of God surge into her shrinking ovary.  We believe God restored it to normal size as she felt something was happening there.

Debby and I ministered in a church in the city of Catacamas on Wednesday night.  They were all believers so we ministered on healing and contending for God’s will for the nation.  Almost half the people were healed of one thing or another.  Shoulders, backs, colons and stomach issues plus emotional fears and pains were all healed or improved significantly.  Two people had improved vision, one who had scales fall off her eyes.  We actually ministered healing in four different ways so they saw that God is not limited and that it is His will to heal.

City Mayors and state officials came and thanked us and provided whatever assistance they could.  The police chief of Catacamas told us his orders were to protect us at all costs.

Myles Monroe addressed the President, his cabinet, the congress, generals and national police chiefs.  He presented clearly the reality of their choices  – to partner with God and the people of their nation to advance a new Honduras or to bow to the drug cartels and line their own pockets while the nation remained in bondage to evil.  He received a standing ovation as he concluded his address.

On Saturday July 20th, the day the President of the nation dedicated as a national holiday to release the people to come to soccer stadiums in every state, we entered the only stadium of any consequence in Olancho.  Still unfinished, Missions Me donated enough funds for it to be complete enough to hold its first ever event; the 1 Nation 1 Day event to offer Christ to this state and the nation all at once.  45,000 filled the stadium before the Fire Marshall blocked the entrance for safety concerns.  More than 5,000 were turned away.  Praise God, the events in many of the states were aired on TV or radio, so those who could listened or watched at home.  You can go to 1nation1day.com and watch videos of what God did.  You can also see a video of what occurred at the stadium in Olancho on the Team Olancho Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/184785781698283/).

Many thousands were saved in each of the 18 stadiums or soccer fields.  Many were healed of every imaginable infirmity, disease or injury.  As Debby and I were praying for people with our translators, one team of three close to us told Debby they had two deaf sisters to pray for.  Could Debby do it?  Debby said, “No.  You have the authority.”  She told them how to pray in faith without begging God.  They did as she told them and came back to report they are beginning to hear.  Could she come and finish the prayer?  Again, Debby told them what to do and sent them back to the girls.  Then as the Lord told Debby it was done, she asked them, and they told her they had not only been deaf but mute as well.  But now they could hear the man speaking from the platform and were making the first sounds to ever come from their mouths.

As darkness fell on the stadium, Jed Thurner, one of the coordinators of this whole crusade, told the people that their largest cell phone company was partnering with Mission Me to provide follow-up each week.  Every person with a cell phone was instructed how to register and they did so at once.  As they got connected to the New Honduras program Jed asked them to hold up their cell phones.  All across the stadium the lights of their cell phones shined forth.  It was a powerful moment of promise for the nation.  God has ushered in a new Honduras in one day.  Two years of preparation and a week long thrust across the face of the nation has been rewarded with a move of the Spirit to save a nation in one day.  The story does not end there.  The leaders have planned extensive follow-up that includes teams going back throughout the year and another sizeable team of about 500 next Spring.  But we believe that the leaders and people are taking ownership of their own future with the God who loves them and will never leave them.

Believe God with us for this nation to prosper in every detail of life.  Sow seeds of faith and believe God for a harvest in your own nation.  God is good and He wants this for every person and every nation.  But like the people and nation of Honduras, the choice is yours.  Choose God!



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