Finland – Norway – Finland

In March we will be traveling to Norway to meet some friends and
pastors. God is expanding us and enlarging our vision. We expect
similar things to happen to you as you grow in Christ and are led by
His Spirit. However, it will be by God’s design for your life and may
not be in any way similar to the way He leads and uses us. Each of you
is a wonderfully unique creation and expression to the world of God’s
heart. If you do not yet know that, please listen to more of the
message we are bringing from His heart to your heart. You are
important to God and to His kingdom work in this world. We pray His
richest blessings upon you.

God has now released us to do some meetings in Lahti. As we will be
moving, most likely, to Norway by the end of this year, the need to
preserve our place of rest in Lahti is less of an issue. Plus God is
doing something important in Lahti now as evidenced by the work He is
doing in Kääntöpiiri in the center of this city. If you are in Lahti
sometime, we strongly urge you to visit that church and the Cafe and
Wanha Walimo Restaurant located in their newly renovated landmark
building at Vesijärvenkatu 25 in downtown Lahti. Please do not look
at our moving to Norway as though we are leaving Finland, but as
enlarging our borders. We will be in Finland quite a bit in the years
to come. You will see a lot of us.


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