Healings Reported in Turku

Healings Reported in Turku from meetings of May 25, 31 and June 1.

May 25 – A lady reported healing in her left shoulder. Now she has full
range of motion without pain.

In between these meetings at the Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida a woman
from Finland testified of her healing and Todd Bentley looked at the camera
and prophesied that a healing revival would break out in Finland.

May 31 – we gave words of knowledge and prayed for healings but we did not
give opportunity for testimonies. We were focused on repentance and
impartation of the anointing.

A woman asked Debby to pray for pain in her teeth. See the testimony below.

June 1 As the meeting began we sensed Jesus come into the room and many went
to their knees and we heard many crying out in repentance and humility. We
taught several ways healing comes and the power of testimony. Then came
these testimonies.

A lady reported her eyes are no longer sensitive and watering when she is in
the sun.

A lady reported pressure on her eyes in now gone.

A man was healed of a urinary tract problem. He had earlier heard Todd
over the internet give a word about pain down the entire right leg. In our
meeting Debby gave a detailed word of knowledge and the pain left his leg.
Then as Kevin hit his lower back, pain instantly left his back. 3 healings.

A woman Debby prayed for the day before with pain in her teeth, said that
now there in no pain in her teeth or her jaw. She reported two other
healings which we need more details on.

A lady reported that almost all pain from fibromialgia is gone. What
remained was in her thumbs. Now she tells that is also gone.

A man testified – Debby had a word about stomach pain related to eating.
He said the pain left him.

Many were prayed for and we expect more testimonies.

This is just the beginning. As we step deeper into the glory, greater
healings and miracles will occur and you will also see them as you preach
and minister according to Matthew 10:7,8.

As Elijah prayed 7 times for the rain to come to end the drought until his
servant reported a cloud the size of a man’s hand on the horizon, so we are
seeing a cloud. When Elijah heard the word, he got up and started to run
for he knew the rain was coming even though only a small cloud was reported.

What we are seeing for Finland is only a cloud on the horizon, but start
running. The drought is over!

Do you think we are excited?


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